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NOTE:  Web Property Enterprises and Career Life Productions (media/video agency),  is now part of Black Eagle Brands .  By combining our efforts we now help more people and businesses  with more technology solutions for their everyday business and personal challenges.



Just below this paragraph are quick links to a variety of video systems we can use to provide variety and creativity to your video marketing and google ranking strategies

To LEARN ABOUT other systems we provide to give your campaigns a spark and additional creativity, is here.  Just click on the buttons to LEARN ABOUT them to improve your new business video marketing strategy.

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Here are just 4 examples of our professional videos all with a different strategy to meet many different business needs.

1388 - Video

Creative Services

Imagine a large number of people, gathered around an idea which they develop together- that would lead to the perfection itself and great results! That is exactly the main goal of Career Life Productions and media/agency services.  If you have not used video marketing... then you have to in todays info marketing world.  Videos drive more traffic than even online searches.  We will provide you with everything that is necessary, including postive creativity and most importantly give you our full attention, because we are a small shop and therefore, we limit the number of clients to ensure satisfaction and attention.

1393 - Video Camera I

Our Tools And Unique Software

We have  the tools, software and knowledge that only a video agency like us, can obtain and use for our clients to meet the goals of a project and overall  goals of your company.   We have multiple methods and unique tools depending on the project, that we deploy to  make our services more economical and affordable than what typical video/media advertising agencies charge... because we're different and streamlined to make sure you get the value without losing your business on typical production staffs.  That's why our services and in-house production, using the latest technology creates "extraordinary" results for you. 

For your business, products, services or brands.


1396 - 3D glasses

Video Strategy

We do not create ordinary video clips and promotional recordings.  We  create "extraordinary" not ordinary videos . The whole development strategy of the video itself is present throughout the project, because we want to draw the maximum potential from each idea.  You give us some info about you, your product or you company and we're off to the races.  And the  collaboration team won't be a bunch of so called "experts" sitting around a conference table trying to impress each other.  No, the  collaboration team will be 2 people... you and our Chief Web Wizard.  Which means  we will create the idea project to meet your needs.  RESULTS is our goal.  

1392 - Clapperboard


Process of pre-production is crucial and it determines in which direction your idea will move next. We have a team of very trained specialists who have gained a fantastic pre-production experience with their successful careers and who will put each item on a pair, analyze possibilities and then carefully choose what is good in order to get top quality! Presence of pre-products means the absence of mistakes that would without a doubt appear later in the process without our detailed project checking system.

1393 - Video Camera I


When we are sure that the whole base and ideas are set up properly, a video production is coming to the line, which in fact represents the final recording and taking of materials that will later be gradually processed. Each video is carefully framed and conceived with equipment that is today's best standards and cameras the latest technology. With a fantastic team of producers who are among the best in North America, and with experience of shooting commercials, skits, online videos and marketing presentations, you can be sure that everything is in the right hands and ready for exclusively best outcome!

1404 - Volume Control


Video recording is done and material is ready for the final assembly. Post-production requires hours of hard work, but in spite of the fact that the whole process is located in our studio, where experts and video - music engeneers are working on the mixing, mastering and assembling of shoted video materials, that means that we can deliver fantastic results for you in a very reasonable time period.

Post-production equipment is something that we are especially proud of with 7.1 Surround Mix Theatre features and industry standard systems such as BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve, Avid Pro Tools HDX. stereo audio mixing and 4K Ultra High Definition colour correction!

Why Us - Career Life Productions?

"Winning with the Power of Passion an Honor" is Career Life Productions motto which is what motivates our character, our goodness and our instinct to always achieve success for each other.  It's also about just simply "helping someone".  We have evolved over the years driven by the unique skills and talents of our Chief Web Wizard.   His vast experiences began many years ago with his interest in understanding how an entrepreneur spirit can translate into a corporate career.  So with years of sales, marketing and management experience with local businesses and world-wide corporate structures, he applies all of that knowledge with every project.  That is what makes the "difference" than someone who professes to being a marketing and advertising expert.  He/she has no real on-the-ground business knowledge to aid the client and understands that they need.    In addition, Career Life Productions and Tom (TJ) Jones  (yes, he is our Chief Web Wizard) has the snap to bring it to your business to help you achieve your company goals and for a lasting long term relationship.

He has experience to include:

  • A National Speaker
  • A Marketing Executive
  • Executive Producer for quarterly  video business newsletters for a world-wide company.
  • Author and Publisher of several books and training courses

To name a few....

transparentlogo (1)

We offer other services

We are full-cycle agency that helps you not just create professional videos but also help your business get

more leads, sales and profits through cutting edge marketing.

1390 - Television

Brand Spots

There is no successful company without successful branding. Years of work are behind us in which we successfully followed all the trends of video production both in the fields of TV marketing and other creative media spheres. Best results of branded commercials showed video clips up to one minute in length by targeting a specific group of customers with a powerful but unique message. Your opinion is important to us, and that's why we give you a choice between several offered video solutions that can later be shown on the classic TV, streaming or social networks.

1400 - Headphones

Communications Videos

Communications Videos are creative and unique way to show your training programs, lessons, interviews or any other type of leadership through a highly professional presentation. Manner of presentation in which no one remains indifferent and daily analytics with reviewing of content statistics are just some of the advantages of this powerful method used by the world's most famous brands. We are ready to give you a chance to be part of this successful story through support and constant improvement tips.

1397 - Old Camera

Event Production

Each event has its own story and Career Life Productions will make sure that the story of your event become memorable from every aspect! Guests and visitors will be stunned by the perfect combination of creativity combined with the experience from our different multimedia projects. We make a strategy with a special plan and program so that everything goes in the best order including important meetings, celebrations, scripts writing...

1401 - Mic

Personalized Video

Direct message sent from a personal perspective is something that is very important today, because it creates confidence in cooperation and gives a clear signals of the quality of what you give and representing. Whether it is a video that is intended for individuals, groups or the general public we have a solution for you that will be implemented in accordance with your idea and needs such as integrated forms for taking a customers e-mail, name or any other details with visual effect by choice.

The success stories of our clients that had used our video technology are innumerable and we can boast of people in business who are constantly returning to us and our service.

1409 - Playing Music

Production Company of Record

What does your product offer and why is your product something unique in a market that is already flooded with all kinds of different offers? The answer to these questions will be presented by our Product Explainers which are specially prepared for the product development strategies and promotion of the same through perfect video production. Depending on your choice videos could be made in many ways and we recommend the length of the project to be somewhere around 90 seconds for the best results.

1391 - Film Reel

Experiential Videos

There is no better recommendation for your business than personal experience of your customers and partners who are recorded in a perfectly integrated experiental marketing video. Video shots from a different angles with a feeling of real live chats and events by using of one or more cameras from the last generation with a perfect accent on the advantiges of your brand that can significantly improve image and thinking of the regular people towards you, which is a crutial investment for the future!


Case Studies

Show your business and employees from a completely new perspective and engage in a successful story of the people who are relevant to your overall development. One of the best weapons in marketing is ability to prove that story which you are presenting to the others takes place successfully with the extraordinary team and good coordinated management. We are here to support you with breathless video images, animations and shots of courage to get on the place where you are, because your company certainly deserve this!

Examples the type of videos we can create for you. This is just a sampling. Our creativity for new projects have hundreds of options we can apply to your needs and goals.

Go ahead, just click here, if you'd like a quote and proposal to show you how we can help your business.
Contact our Chief Web Wizard, Tom (TJ) Jones